Jenn Madden


I obtained my formal certification through Carson Dunlop in 2015, but my interest in renovations and building started very early on when my Dad built our house when I was seven.  I started working in the Renovation Industry myself when I was in my early twenties, both as a career and a passion. I loved to be able to take something and transform it into something new and beautiful, functional and lasting. However, even more, I loved to help a person who didn't know or wasn't comfortable with a product, project or installation method and transition them into someone who had the confidence and know how to grow the ability to tackle the challenge.  

When we walk into a house together, we see the same things, the same things are visually presented to each of us. What I do is interpret that evidence, those clues for you to understand the same as I understand, based on my training and years of experience.  That way you can look at the house in each of its parts and you can make a more informed judgement as to whether the sum of those parts will become home, a valued investment or if you move on to the next.

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