Do You Know What Matters?

There are so many reasons to get a home inspection before you close an offer on a home.  Maybe you're new to home ownership, maybe you're coming from the world of condos, maybe you're unfamiliar with maintenance requirements, maybe you're not familiar with the components of a home.  We can help you evaluate the visible conditions of the home you're interested in buying.  Having a better idea of repairs, needed investigations, and end-of-life conditions can help you stay in budget.  Knowing what might be serious, what's not so serious, what may need to be fixed soon, and even what is in great condition can help in making a bigger picture more complete.   Is aluminum wiring serious?  Is that just a spill or is it evidence of leakage?  Is that normal aging or wear and tear or is that premature and unusual?  That's what we're all about, let us give you all the pieces to help make the bigger picture.

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