An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

-Benjamin Franklin

Maintenance Inspections - What's the Difference?

Nothing.  There is no difference.  A Maintenance Inspection is as thorough and complete as a Buyer or Pre-Listing Inspection.  The benefit is that the Home Owner has a vested interest to make things as open and accessible as possible so the Inspection can provide the best possible picture of current conditions.  We will have a discussion before the inspection and give you a guideline of what areas to make most accessible and you can book your inspection at your schedule depending on how much time you need.  A Maintenance Inspection can help a Home Owner prioritize repairs, create planning budgets, identify safety issues.  Maintenance extends the life of components in the home.  

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Pre-Inspection Prep

Organized but Camouflaged

Although this basement is quite organized, we would recommend temporarily moving the products into a central space in order to inspect the conditions of the foundation.  

Organized and Visible

This basement is storing personal items but the foundation and other components are visible for our inspection to be as complete as possible.