Buying, Selling, Already Bought, Life Change Event, Pre-Planning?

There's never a bad reason for a Home Inspection.  Whether you're evaluating a purchase, preparing to list your home, trying to learn about your home, prioritizing repairs, budget planning before making a career change or life-event, having an inspection to get more insight is always the right move.  

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a visual review of the current conditions of a house.  It is a non-invasive gathering of evidence and indicators to help interpret  and better understand your home or potential home.  An inspection can be requested by a buyer (or bank) in a realty transaction, a pre-listing inspection for a seller, or a maintenance inspection to help determine priority of repairs, maintenance and monitoring.  

Buyers Inspection

Need to evaluate a home before making an offer?  Learn more here.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Do you need to have a better idea of the conditions of your home for a more accurate value before you list?  Learn more here.

Maintenance Inspection

Bought without an inspection?  Job change?  Life event? Retiring? Need to prioritize repairs? Learn more here.

Flir Add-On

Flir is an Infrared Camera we use to assist to see more than what we can with our naked eye.   Learn more here.


Everything an Inspector does is visual.  90% of our Inspections are done on the request of someone who does not own the property being inspected, therefore we do visual only (tool free, non-invasive) inspections up to but not including the use of tools to remove plates, panels, hatches, etc in order to gain access to a component requiring inspection.  Keep in mind how you would want your home treated if you had strangers inspecting every aspect of your private space. 

******See Standard Contract and InterNachi Standards of Practice for more details about exclusions and resitrictions.  

What our customers are saying

I learned so much about my own house.  Things I saw every day and had no idea about.  No nasty surprises, thankfully, and now we have a solid grasp on our to-do list.

Nancy - Client, Maintenance Inspection with Flir